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Embody Safety was originally a project founded by “The Danish Maritime Found” and started  back in 2010. Initially it was a working relationship between A.P. Møller-Mærsk (Denmark), Amet University (India), Shanghai Maritime University (China), Philipphine Merchant Marine Academy (Philippines), Green-Jacobsen A/S (Denmark) and Svendborg International Maritime Academy (SIMAC) (Denmark).

The aim was to support and supply the participation academies with knowledge, tools and data witch would enable the academies to increase the safety awareness amongst the trainees. The timing and quality of the seafarer safety and risk awareness training at the training institutions is relevant when it comes to the seafarers ability to implement the training in their working life after their graduation. The young seafarer needs to be capable as a role model at sea.

In the early days of Embody Safety, the aim was also to provide knowledge to the teachers at the academies, to enable the teachers to qualify the young seafarers. Safety awareness is not something you just can teach in class, training activities will help to develop an overall safety culture, which again will help to improve safety awareness in generel.

Later Embody Safety became more a way of thinking. The aim was transformed more into “how can the trainees become more watchful when it comes to safety”. Still with focus on safety awareness and good safety behaviour.

In 2011 SIMAC took ownership of the project and has been running it ever since.