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About SIMAC.

Svendborg International Maritime Academy (SIMAC) is the leading maritime centre of education and training in Denmark supporting stakeholders and partners, which drive development and growth within Blue Denmark. We co-operate purposefully through national/international networks to co-create and expand knowledge and practice throughout the maritime world. You will be joining an organization, which constantly strives to exceed in both education, training and research.

SIMAC currently delivers maritime degrees and certificates of competencies up to postgraduate level as Marine Chief Engineer and Master Mariner. Furthermore, SIMAC has a specialised training department, which delivers tailored courses to a broad range of Danish maritime businesses. Our core knowledge activities are within Optimized performance, Safety Culture, Automation and Simulation. Furthermore, we are in the process of building knowledge of maritime arctic operations.

Your key accountabilities

The position as senior associate lecturer (docent) is new at SIMAC and key to the achievement of SIMACs commitment to stay in the lead within maritime higher education. SIMAC raises the bar for development of maritime competencies by integrating applied research, professional knowledge and innovation in the development of education and training. The position as senior associate lecturer assumes academic leadership involving high quality lectures, development of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes together with planning and executing R & D activities.

Your tasks include:

Position Criteria

Essential requirements

Desirable attributes

Terms and conditions of employment

The position as senior associate lecturer (docent) is for full-time occupation. The appointment is for a period of three years. The position may subsequently lead to tenure. Employment is conditional to a positive evaluation by the appointed assessment committee outside of SIMAC.

Employment is in accordance with the current agreement between the Ministry of Finance and the relevant organization, the Ministerial Order no. 1066 of 04-07-2016 and the Ministerial Order no. 990 of 28-08-2015.


Deadline for application is 22-06-2017 with the intention of commencement of employment on 01-10-2017. You must enclose a list of publications, three selected publications, copies of relevant diplomas and an outline of a research project covering one or several of SIMAC’s core areas of knowledge. Applicants who are unfamiliar with the Danish language are welcome to send their application and all the relevant documents directly to SIMACs HR-manager, Birgitte Pless, pless@simac.dk instead of using the electronic application system.

For further information, please visit our website www.simac.dk and contact Vice President Jan Askholm, +45 7221 5522, askholm@simac.dk or Research Coordinator Tina Birgitte Sørensen, +45 7221 5535, tbs@simac.dk.

Statement of Values for SIMAC as workplace

SIMAC subscribe to a student-centered approach, which is paramount to strengthen and develop students’ aptitude and competencies towards becoming the world’s best maritime leaders. We value

Educational programmes at SIMAC.

Bachelor of Maritime Transport and Ship Management

Bachelor of Maritime Transport and Nautical Science

Bachelor of Technology Management and Marine Engineering

Post Graduate Diploma as Master Mariner

Post Graduate Diploma as Marine Chief Engineer

Post Graduate Diploma as Marine Chief Engineer and Master Mariner