Master Mariner

Our Master mariner programme is the right choice, if you want to sail the largest ships. As a master mariner you are a maritime leader working on the bridge and the deck of a ship.

As a master mariner you will be able to become a captain and thus the highest-ranked leader on board.  In addition to being in charge of all personnel, as a master mariner you are also responsible for navigation planning, safety and material, administrative tasks, etc.

During the programme you also follow theoretical subjects like ship’s technique, navigation and safety at sea, and subjects within management, economics, and communication. During sea practice you get the opportunity to try out in practice what you have learned in theory.

Once you have received your certificate of competency, upon completing your education as a master mariner, you will be allowed to work as an officer or a master mariner. Your certificate of competency covers Denmark and international waters all over the world, and for instance your career could be in the merchant navy, ferry services, in inspection and surveillance, or in the offshore business within wind turbines, oil and gas, or cable laying. You can also pursue a managerial career with a shipping company or other parts of the maritime sector ashore.

Please note that our master mariner programme is conducted mainly in Danish, and you have to have an educational contract with an approved Danish shipping company, before you embark on the education.

You can find a list of approved shipping companies here.

Course regulations for Master Mariner:

Course Regulations for Master Mariner – Version 5.40 of 28 Januar 2019 – (1611+1349)