PLC - Profibus and OPC/SCADA


The course in PLC, Profibus and OPC/SCADA technology qualifies the participants to ensure stable and safe operations of fieldbus networks with distributed I/O in PLC systems communication by OPC/SCADA systems and Profibus.

During the course the participants will gain knowledge and skills in maintaining, troubleshooting, data-exchange and setting up interfaces (HMI and SCADA) in industrial automation networks with PLCs.


After completing the course, the participants will have a good understanding of configuration and the function of PLCs in networks. They also understand the basic principle and configuration of fieldbus systems, operator panels and stations, and will be able to implement program changes and troubleshoot in industrial automated solutions with distributed process control.

Target groups

The course PLC, Profibus and OPC/SCADA is intended for marine engineers, civil engineers, electricians, and other service personnel involved with operation, maintenance, troubleshooting or commissioning of PLC controlled equipment.

Professionel pre requirement

Course participants must either have completed a PLC´s Machine Operation course or have acquired equivalent skills.

Training method

The course is based on the participants’ daily work with PLCs and includes theory and relevant practical exercises. The training method during the course will be practical training in groups of two participants in order to utilize your experience and transfer of knowledge.


The course comprises the following topics:

–         Use and programming of PLCs in industrial automation network

–         Communication and data exchange between PLCs

–         Fieldbus systems, structure of bus systems, troubleshooting, configuration tools and Profibus and Profinet

–         Setting up, parameterizing and programming of operator panels

–         Design of process images on a computer

Data acquisition in integrated industrial control systems.

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