Engine Room Team Management (ERTM/ERS - IMO 2.07)


The purpose of the “Engine Room Team Management” course is to introduce the main tenets of resource management and to provide a training environment for developing skills to enhance the operational safety and efficiency of vessels.

The course heightens the awareness of crew personnel to human factors and thereby reduces the number of errors and the consequences of any errors that are made nevertheless. The course is designed to reduce the number of incidents and accidents, as well as the ship’s downtime, by addressing potential human error, as well as watchkeeping arrangements and procedures.


After completing the course, the participant will have knowledge, understanding and awareness of the impact of the human factor on a ship’s operation, and a foundation on which to apply and develop crew-management skills in routine operations and critical circumstances.

The participant will also have specific tools for improving teamwork, communication, management, decision-making and resource management, and an understanding of how these ERTM skills contribute to redundancy and increased safety.

Target groups

The course is intended for engineers employed in shipping or offshore companies as well as personel in land based industries.

Admission requirements

Preferably the course participants will hold certificates for their respective positions on board or as employed in industries where they are in charge of the actual processes of the industry in question.

Training method

The “Engine Room Team Management” course is conducted as interplay between theoretical presentations and supervised training in a full-mission simulator, where the crew takes part in various scenarios of varying degrees of criticality. Every simulator training session is followed by a debriefing where the course participants play an active role.

Depending on the participants’ experience, the exercises can be conducted on a medium-speed multi-engine propulsion machinery simulator or a slow-speed MAN-B&W propulsion machinery simulator.

The specific exercises, scenarios and configuration of simulators are adjusted according to the service experience of the participants.

Each course normally consists of 6 engineers grouped into two teams with one Chief Engineer each when talking of participants from the merchant fleet.


Training is provided in:
–         Engine Room Team Management
–         resource management
–         near-miss incidents and accidents
–         communication methods, perception, inquisitive technique
–         team balance, assertiveness, flexibility
–         stress effects and stress signals
–         situation assessment and decision making
–         principles of planning and practical planning
–         efficient communication
–         management functions

Other remarks

After agreement this course can be tailored to meet specific requirements from the actual customer.

The course complies with Sections A-III/1 and A-III/2 of the STCW code.

A Certificate of Achievement is awarded upon satisfactory completion of the course.

Course calendar

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