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SIMAC Training is one of Denmark’s leading course providers in the maritime and marine engineering sectors. Our many years of experience in the training course market have enabled us to amass widespread knowledge of the business community’s demand for skills development.

We are part of Svendborg International Maritime Academy – SIMAC – Denmark’s leading maritime training and education center, by virtue of which we keep continuously up to date with the latest developments in technical, academic and educational knowledge and practice. We collaborate closely with many private and public enterprises and keenly aware of the public requirements and the needs of the business community.

SIMAC Training’s core areas of expertise are courses and skills development within:

> Maritime Safety

> Simulator Courses

> Automation

> Hydraulics

> Danish Pilotage

> Special Courses

> Assessment

We also offer the possibility of resumption of certificates of competency.

In addition to our various standard courses, we are equally pleased to offer individual courses tailor-made to match the specific needs and wishes of our customers.