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SIMAC has the advantage of offering realistic settings for exercises in our ship simulators. We have two identical 240° full-mission bridge simulators and two full-mission engine-room simulators. Each bridge simulator can be interconnected with an engine-room simulator so they jointly constitute a complete ship where the bridge and engine room can practice together in the same exercise, thus constituting a realistic setting.

Besides our full-mission simulators, SIMAC has a number of part-task simulators, including:
– 4 panorama bridge simulators (desktop)
– 19 graphic training simulators (GTS) 
– 4 own-ship radar simulators, each equipped with two radars, Transas ECDIS and 120° visual system.

All our simulators were supplied by Kongsberg Maritime Ltd and are updated each year. We cooperate closely with Kongsberg Maritime Ltd and assist them in the testing of their simulator software. This provides us access to the latest software updates.


Bridge simulators

SIMAC’s bridge simulators are both equipped with Kongsberg and Transas ECDIS, Azimuth controllers etc. 

The graphic display software in the bridge simulators is always updated to the latest release.

SIMACs ship-library for the bridge simulators comprises more than 100 off-the-shelf hydrodynamic ship models. All models include matching bridge images and target ship images for the visual system.

We have more than 130 ship models in our target ship library for the bridge simulators. All models are prepared for real-time visual modelling, with a typical polygon number of 200–400. Target ship images for the selected hydrodynamic ship models are included. New target ship images are released each year, and these images will be included in our target ship image area library.

SIMAC’s area library for bridge simulators comprises around 100 areas from all over the world. These are revised by Kongsberg and as soon they are released, they are added into the system.


Engine-room simulators

SIMAC’s engine-room simulators are unique.

One is three stories high like a real ship and the other is built up at one level. 

When you enter the engine room from the operator room, you encounter interactive impressions in the form of heat and sounds. The individual systems of the engine room emit sounds associated with ship engine rooms.

SIMAC has three models for the engine-room simulators: 
 Sulzer RTA-84