SIMAC is pleased to provide an assessment for foreign navigators end marine engineers.

We perform assessments via the Internet and in Svendborg.

Please register no later than 72 hours (3 weekdays) before the assessment shall take place.

If the assessment is via the Internet, the participant must be sitting at the office of his employer, an agent or another public office.

All the necessary documents must be received by SIMAC no later than 72 hours (3 weekdays) before the assessment shall take place.

Necessary documents:

– Copy of Passport
– Copy of Seaman’s Book
– Copy of COC certificate
– Correctly filled in questionnaire

SIMAC can cancel the assessment, if the above mentioned deadline is breached.

Further details

If you have any questions about the assessment process, please contact SIMAC Training by e-mail or on telephone: +45 72 21 55 60.